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Why water?

Why water (as opposed to other drinks)?

No calories

Other fluids do contribute to the daily recommended fluid intake, but they can contain calories in the form of fat (e.g. milk) or carbohydrates (e.g. fruit juice, fizzy soft drinks).  While some calorie intake from drinks is acceptable, studies have linked frequent consumption of sugary drinks, fruit juice and whole milk to obesity and obesity related conditions. 

No additives

Some soft drinks contain additives, in the form of colourings, flavourings, preservatives and flavour enhancers.  Besides the fact that many parents are concerned about potential health problems caused by these additives, some have been linked to causing hyperactivity in children.

Recommended by dentists

The British Dental Health Foundation recommends that the kindest drinks for your teeth are plain water and plain milk, since they are neither sugary nor acidic.  (However, milk can contain fat, hence the British Nutrition Foundation recommend it to be drunk only in moderation)

Recommended by the British Nutrition Foundation

The British Nutrition Foundation gives guidelines for the types of fluid which children should drink, and water is the only fluid which they recommend drinking “plenty of”.

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