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Why bottles?

Why use water bottles?

The old saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is very true, especially where hydration is concerned.  Water fountains and water coolers are great for schools, but frankly many children just simply forget to have a drink, and so by the end of the day they are irritable and lack concentration.  A bottle or cup situated on the student’s desk serves as a constant reminder to drink water.

Many schools run schemes where they encourage the children to bring their own bottles.  That can work as long as it’s properly regulated.  All children should have a clear plastic (so that you can check up that it really is water they are drinking), preferably non-spill water bottle, which is named and regularly cleaned.

The beauty of buying a water bottle for every child – whether or not they buy them on from you – is that you have the peace of mind in knowing that they will not leak or spill if they are knocked over, every child will be drinking water, and if they are right there by the child’s desk, especially if they are printed with a design that the child actually likes, hydration is convenient, effortless, and desirable.  Plus, it looks much smarter if all children have the same bottle, and eliminates the risk of the ‘I want the fairy one!’ problem.

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