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Activ-R - truly sustainable bottle

 Renewable, Reusable, Revolutionary

Parents expect schools both to teach curriculum subjects and to include an ethical position in their work.

Such an “ethical position” ranges from an insistence on good manners and politeness through to an awareness of the problems facing our world today.

It is from this starting point that we have developed Activ-R, a revolutionary water bottle, which is perfect for any school that wants to make a statement about their commitment to the future of the planet.

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Activ-R is made entirely from I’m Green Medium Density Polyethylene, which is 100% biobased. 

The bottle is derived from Brazilian sugar cane ethanol, which has zero impact on the Amazon rainforest or food production. For every ton of I’m Green plastic produced, 2.5 tons of CO2 is captured and locked away.  (If you want the technical position on this, it is verified by ASTM D6866).

"I am really impressed with them, the quality seems excellent; I love the fact that they are made from sustainable resources and being able to customise your own design is a great idea. I also thought that the prices were very competitive."

And there’s more, for Activ-R is itself fully recyclable.  Now, we know that sometimes products which are recyclable get put in the wrong bin, and don’t always get recycled.  So we even have a hassle-free recycling scheme to encourage you to recycle our bottles.

  • First, it is important to say that Activ-R bottles don’t need replacing very often.  They are tough, and withstand the wear and tear you would expect from a bottle used by young people in a school.
  • But when you do have bottles that need recycling all you do is ask the pupils to return them all to a central collection point.
  • You then return the bottles to us in the original cartons they came in – we’ll pay for and arrange carriage for you.
  • And there’s more. You’ll receive a credit for each bottle returned to us which you can redeem against your next order of Activ-R bottles while we recycle the bottles and use their materials again in the manufacturing process.

Size: 500ml

  • Certified from an entirely sustainable and renewable source
  • Fully recyclable
  • Translucent green material enables contents to be monitored
  • Attractive, kid-friendly design
  • Non Spill Cap
  • Tough and durable
  • Unique, hassle-free recycling scheme
  • Cap is replaceable, increasing hygiene and longevity of bottle
  • Easy fill wide neck
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Minimum order quantity 50 bottles
  • BPA Free and entirely Food Safe

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