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BPA free, please

What is BPA anyway?

BPA, or Bisphenol A, has been causing a lot of worry on the plastic bottle scene over recent years. In the mainstream there's no real cause for concern about its potential side effects, however scientists do have some cause for concern over its effects on the brain, behaviour and prostate gland in unborn babies, infants and children.

Before I go any further – THERE IS NO BPA IN OSPREY BOTTLES! This article is for those who want to be bottle savvy and know what questions to ask.

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Activ-R hits educational newsletters

Primary Educational Management Newsgroup features Activ-R

We're really excited that prestigous educational newsletters are already picking up the launch of the Activ-R sustainable water bottle, and recognising it as the revolutionary development it is on the water bottle scene!

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Quick and easy fundraising

An easy, hassle-free, win-win fundraising solution for your school

 The big problem with budgets being cut is that kids’ needs are not cut along with it.  Kids still need stationery, books, tables, chairs, and hydration, but these can all be expensive.

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The Three Rs - revisited

Jump back in time and the bywords of education were Reading, Riting, and Rithmetic, commonly known as the Three Rs. Then Spelling became important too, but unfortunately that sunk the R thing and so for the next hundred years it would have been about the R, the W, the A and the S, except that nobody could remember it.

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The healthy schools approach

Promoting a healthy schools environment

The benefits of drinking water are well known, so it is a bit surprising that a study at Sheffield University found that six out of ten youngsters in the UK are at risk of daily dehydration, simply because they don't drink enough.

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