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School Gossip - always bad?

What parents are talking about, and why it matters

In your job you will recognise more than anyone that parents notice things. They notice changes. They notice what other parents and their children are doing. In short, they gossip.

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Nature's dirty trick

The twist of nature that can reduce a young athlete’s effectiveness

It is called nature’s dirty trick in some quarters: exercise suppresses thirst. As a result many teenagers dehydrate quickly on the sports field or during games, even when it is not very hot.

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 How to impress a parent

What is the simplest way to enhance the image with the parents of children in the school, and parents who are thinking of sending their children to your school?

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Sale or Return Fundraising

Sale or Return takes the risk element out of buying fundraising gear in to sell on to the parents. 

It's a truly win-win scenario - or should I say, it's win-win-win?  Your school wins, as you can only make profit on the bottles you sell, and the school image is greatly improved when the children all use the same bottle - especially when it's such an eco-friendly one as  Activ-R. The parents also win, as they don't have to trek out to buy an expensive supermarket bottle, and Activ-R is dishwasher safe and non-spill.  Not only that, but the children get a constant source of hydration and feel much better for it. 

What are you waiting for?   Read on and let me show you how...

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Activ-logo Fundraiser Guide

Our new brochure outlining how to run your Activ-logo fundraiser is below!

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