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Appearances can be deceiving...

...it's what's inside that counts

We get asked frequently, are you bottles really translucent? Can you see inside the bottles to check if Gavin/Kate/Marmaduke really is drinking pure Wasser and not orange juice or other similarly teeth-rotting bilge? And we always used to say, yes, of course you can see inside. 

Now, we’re not so sure.

Sure, you can see inside.  But without wanting to sound like an Orwellian ‘Big-Brother-Is-Watching-You’ kind of monster, how do you actually know it’s water?


We had a phone call from a headteacher some time ago, who informed us that a parent had rung the school in a state of stark hysteria and asked them to confiscate her child’s water bottle immediately.  Justifiably the school queried this, and upon questioning, the parent sheepishly confessed that she had actually been using her child’s water bottle from last year to take a fortifying tipple of gin to work with her.  Unfortunately, in the morning rush, the child took the wrong bottle.  As they say, the rest is history!

So Osprey’s next development…the Activ-Smell*.  With a valve in the side allowing teachers to scent any deviations from the standard Adam’s ale.  Just don’t put it in the fridge overnight next to a peeled onion.


*Just to clarify things – there is not an Activ-Smell, there has never been an Activ-Smell, and as far as I know there never will be.  This exists solely in the author’s mind for purposes of amusement.  I do apologise for any disappointment.

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