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Our vision for Osprey Early Years...

…and where you fit in

Osprey has been around for more than 10 years now, mainly supplying water bottles to schools. We have grown and matured and developed and now have moved into supplying something new to our loyal customer base.

By that, we really mean something new.  Our vision is to become a quick route to market for innovative manufacturers of quality, educational, and original learning aids for very young children.  Toys which delight, while teaching.  Games which teach, while delighting.

So you say, where do I come in?

Osprey has always striven to be a customer led business with a high emphasis on service, quality and value for money.  We need you to tell us what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, and what you would like us to do in the future.

So if you see, or hear about, a new toy or game idea which you are struggling to source, we would be very pleased to help you find it. 

Simply click here to give us feedback, to ask for help in sourcing something which you want but can’t find, or to request more information about us and what we do.

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