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Quick and easy fundraising

An easy, hassle-free, win-win fundraising solution for your school

 The big problem with budgets being cut is that kids’ needs are not cut along with it.  Kids still need stationery, books, tables, chairs, and hydration, but these can all be expensive.

The ideal solution would be if you could use one of these as a fundraiser.  But parents are not going to be happy paying for their child’s chairs, or books, or even stationery, because these are seen as being the school’s job to provide.

Happily, there is a solution.  Many schools encourage kids to bring their own water bottles to school, which is great.  However, these water bottles can range from £2.50 upwards in high street shops, and they won’t all be non-spill.

Activ-logo bottles help to encourage the kids’ pride in their school, and you can customise them with anything.   They are also very competitively priced.

So, here’s our solution:  Buy Activ-logo bottles for your school, make them a part of the uniform and sell them on to the parents, either at a profit or at cost.

To illustrate what I mean, take a school with 300 children.  Buying 300 single colour Activ-logo bottles would cost £485.94.

  • You could sell them at £2 each, and make a profit of £114.06.
  • You could sell then at £1.65 each, and make a profit of £9.06 – which would cover your costs at little cost to the parents.
  • Or you could sell them at £1.50 each, which would mean they had only cost you £35.94.

For this, you’re happy: you’ve done your duty by the kids, who are working better now they’re properly hydrated, nothing’s getting wet because the bottles are non-spill, and the tone of the school has been raised at very little cost to you.

The kids are happy: they’ve got a smart, high quality water bottle, increased school pride, and they’re feeling better for drinking more water.

And the parents are happy: they know that the school cares about their kids, there’s no extra washing up because the bottles are dishwasher safe, and it’s cheaper and easier to buy bottles from the school than to have to trek out to the supermarket.

Easy eh?

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