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The Three Rs - revisited

Jump back in time and the bywords of education were Reading, Riting, and Rithmetic, commonly known as the Three Rs. Then Spelling became important too, but unfortunately that sunk the R thing and so for the next hundred years it would have been about the R, the W, the A and the S, except that nobody could remember it.

Well, nowadays, we have our Three Rs too – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We can reduce the amount we are going to take from the earth, we can reuse what we are taking and we can recycle what we have taken. But however much we Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle, we are still taking from the earth.

Isn’t it about time someone gave something back?

We sat down here at Osprey and thought about this. We came into this market to support kids. But although education looks after our children’s futures, caring for the earth will look after our children’s futures and our children’s children’s futures and our children’s children’s children’s futures. And it goes on.

So now, Osprey is heralding the Fourth R, which stands for Renew.

And this is the solution we’ve come up with. A plastic water bottle, satisfying all European food safety regulations, which is certified as coming from a totally renewable source – sugar cane – and not only that, but it’s fully recyclable.

Reduce? Of course. You won’t need any disposable water bottles with one of these.

Reuse? Absolutely. Dishwasher safe so it’s totally hygienic and hassle free.

Recycle? We have a unique recycling scheme, too. We’ll pick them up from you when you’ve finished with them and take them away to be recycled, and credit your account with 10p per bottle off your next order of Activ-R bottles.

Renew.  Better than carbon neutral, Activ-R actually lowers the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Activ-R. Actively Renewing. Caring for our world.

To go to the Activ-R page for more information, click here.

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